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The forest of Brunei Darussalam are categorised according to the primary function they are intended to serve as follows:
1) Protection Forests
2) Production Forests
3) Recreational Forests
4) Conservation Forests
5) National Parks

Protection Forests
Preserved forests which are intended primarily to protect critical soil and water resources; keep the country green and beautiful and the climate invigorating; prevent or minimise the occurrence of floods, droughts, erosion, pollution, and similar environmental problems; and contribute to the general ecological stability of the country.
Production Forests
Natural and man-made forests, including non-timber plantations, for sustained supply of forest products for the country.
Recreational Forests
Forested areas with natural features that are developed for outdoor recreation in order to promote social, psychological, physical, and economic well-being of the people.
Conservation Forests
Undisturbed forests set aside to preserve and conserve biodiversity for scientific, educational, and related purposes.
National Parks
Areas with distinctive geologic, topographic and other formations and features of special interest, which are reserved to maintain biologically diverse plant and animal communities for the benefit of the present as well as the coming generations.