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The Central Forestry Nursery is located inside the compound of the Brunei Forestry Centre in Sg Liang, Belait District.  The Nursery was started under the 5th NDP on a 2-hectare lot. The modern and fully-equipped Nursery was designed to produce over 300,000 seedlings for the forest plantation projects of the Forestry Department. Construction was completed in 1989, and production of seedlings immediately commenced.

An additional outlay of $850,000 was granted under RKN-6 which enabled the construction of additional facilities to increase production capacity.

The Nursery has been equipped with an fully-automatic mist sprinkling system, a water recycling system, and a rain sensor which saves water consumption by as much as 30%.

The Nursery was privatised in 1991. A private local company has been operating it under a lease agreement with the Forestry Department, and has been supplying the seedling requirements of the Department.

With the projected full implementation of all its plantation and forestation projects however, the Department had to make provision for further forest nursery facilities to produce an estimated 1.5 million seedlings each year.  Thus, extension and transit forest nurseries were established under the 6th NDP, in the following strategic places (relative to the locations of the projects):

  • Sg Lumut
  • Sg Mau
  • Buau
  • Lainunin

Already completed and operational, all these forestry nurseries will eventually be privatised. The Department will however, retain control over the sourcing of seeds and technical prescriptions attendant to seedling propagation, in order to ensure quality of the planting stock produced.​