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Thank you for browsing at our list of publication. Here is a list of publications, which may be of interest to you or your organization.

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Rainforest Plants and Flowers of Brunei Darussalam (Published 2015)
Authors: Wong Khoon Meng, Joffre Haji Ali Ahmad, Low Yee Wen & Muhammad Ariffin Abdullah Kalat
ISBN 978-99917-31-09-4 (Soft Cover)
Price: BND27.00

This book presents a historical perspective on Brunei's forests from the inception of forestry administration to modern-day scenarios, where the administration shows careful concern over the wise management of natural resources and biodiversity. It uses the most widely representing range of photo-images so far, to illustrate the plant life of Brunei, accompanied by a text that provides short introductions to each relevant topic; and well-written, succinct notes on the plant life of the various natural communities found in Brunei. Some 370 colour images of Brunei forests and plants are included.

Brunei's immense botanical wealth is underscored by an exciting array of plant life, fascinating flowers and forest species, and continuing new discoveries. This account introduces the different types of rain forest found in Brunei and the major groups of plants, including many easily seen as well as rarer species, which only sound conservation at a landscape level can hope to keep over the longer term. Only a strong Brunei conservation imperative will help sustain this special enclave of the iconic island of Borneo.



In Brunei Forests - An Introduction to the Plant Life of Brunei Darussalam (Published 1991)
Author: Wong Khoon Meng
BND20.00 (Hard Cover)

This book explores the wealth, diversity and uniqueness of Brunei's forests, ad also provides valuable insights into the plant life of Borneo. Brunei's rich and varied flora make up forests that have been little disturbed and are truly a paradise of plants.

The text is accessible to the interested amateur and will also delight and inform professional botanist and foresters. The delicate watercolour illustrations capture the pristine beauty of Brunei's flora and each is accompanied by a short account highlighting interesting aspects of the plants. The book is not only a special volume on the plant life of Brunei, but also serves as a general reference on various aspects of the botany of Borneo.


Not For Sale Books: 


The Flowering Plants Endemic to Brunei Darussalam (Published 2013)
Authors: Jacqueline Henrot, Joffre Ali Ahmad & K.M. Wong
ISBN 978-99917-31-07-0 (Hard Cover); ISBN 978-99917-31-08-7 (Soft Cover)

The forests of Brunei Darussalam include some of the finest examples of vegetation in the biologically diverse Southeast Asian region of Malesia. Although the Brunei area is contiguous with the general forested landscape beyond its borders and species are distributed according to ecological influences, not national boundaries, yet there is a significant and growing list of species that are known to occur nowhere else.

Low plant frequencies (typical of the rich lowland forests), and narrow association with patchy or isolated landscape features harbouring distinctive environments, contribute to the level of such restricted distributions. This book presents a first enumeration of the flowering plants endemic to, or only known in, Brunei Darussalam. The criteria for endemic plant assessment and their conservation significance are also discussed, a prerequisite to translating discovery into conservation as botanical research progresses.



Sustainable Forestry in Brunei Darussalam (Published 2011)
ISBN 99917-31-03-2 (Hard Cover); ISBN 99917-31-04-0 (Soft Cover)

This book will highlight the way forward of Brunei Darussalam forestry. Although the status of our forest resources has remained intact during previous years, Brunei forestry is at a crossroads. Our forestry sector is facing challenges brought about by overwhelming progress of the different sectors of society in search of sustainable development. Thus, the forestry sector has chosen its path towards Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in order to achieve the Forestry Department's vision of excellence in tropical forestry.

This book also highlight the paradigm shift of the Brunei forestry sector towards participative forest management. Major initiatives of the Forestry Department have invited a wider participation of stakeholders for better understanding and effective strategies on the ground. And to further strengthen our programs and strategies, we have joined and submitted our commitments to international and regional initiatives in addressing common forestry concerns and issues such as climate change, biodiversity conservation, and transboundary issues, to name but a few. 



The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam (Published 1997)
Author: J. Dransfield
ISBN 99917-31-02-4 (Hard Cover)



A Checklist of the Flowering Plants and Gymnosperms    of Brunei Darussalam (Published 1996)
Authors: M.J.E. Coode, J. Dransfield, L.L. Forman, D.W. Kirkup & Idris M. Said
ISBN 99917-31-00-8 (Hard Cover)


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