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Mixed Dipterocarp forests are the most common forest community in Brunei Darussalam representing around 41% of all forest in the country. These forests occur from sea level to approximately 300 meter and on the hills up to 750-1,200 meters elevation. The forest takes its name from the plant family Dipterocarpaceae, which dominates the forests and is known for being among the most complex ecosystem on earth.


Lowland Association

This forest type is composed of low density mixed Dipterocarp found in the low terrain of Labi hills, Ladan hills, Andulau Forest Reserve, and Temburong forests.


Hill Forest

This forest forms the predominant forest type in the country. It has similar forest composition to the lowland type except that it's relatively denser and concentrations of the dipterocarps are found in the hills of Labi, Ladan, Andulau, and Temburong areas.


Highland Mix

The highland mix is found in the high mountain ridges at Retak and Tudal of Temburong district, with an altitude of over 800 meters above sea level. Tree are generally medium-sized but with some large emergent examples occurring singly or in group. Dipterocarps predominate the upper canopy. 'Selangan batu merah' (Shorea flaviflora) are frequent along the ridges while yellow 'meranti' (Shorea faguetiana) grows well along the slopes.

Non-dipterocarp trees include 'kempas' (Koompassia malaccensis), 'medang sisik' (Alseodaphne bancana) and 'rengas' (Gluta macrocarpa), which are rarely found in the mixed dipterocarp associations at lower elevations.