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​​Supplementing the Forest Act of 1934 are other related legislation including the following:

Wildlife Protection Act [ 1978 ]
Provides for wildlife conservation and protection, and the establishment of wildlife sanctuaries in the country. The legal authority on wildlife is vested on the Department of Museums under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.
Land Code [1909], amended in 1982; and Land Acquisition Act [1949]
Govern the allocation and management of all lands, also covering private use and tenure of land in the country. The 1982 Amendment stipulates that "all transfers, changes, leases, or sub-leases shall be referred to the Sultan-in Council.

The Land Acquisition Enactment of 1949 gives the Sultan-in-Council wide powers of compulsory acquisition with compensation. Alienation of the surface rights to land, under the Land Code, gives formal title known as Extract from District Register (EDR). Conditions included in the Extract define the duration of alienation and the permitted use (specific agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, or other uses). Since 1955, the Land Department has suspended acceptance of new applications for EDR land grants. Land may be privately occupied under a Temporary Occupation License (TOL), issued and annually renewed by District Land Officers. Permanent dwellings and the growing of perennial crops are not allowed on TOL lands.

Public uses are assigned to Gazetted lands, which can either be created from unencumbered State land or acquired by compulsory acquisition; new land may be offered in exchange for EDR land required for public purposes.

The Gazetted lands are normally administered and managed by specific Government agencies such as the Forestry Department.

Unless otherwise specified by law, the Land Department under the Ministry of Development has the legal jurisdiction over the administration of land in the country.
Antiquities and Treasure Trove Act [1967]
Provides for the protection of historical sites and antiquities which means any object that can or cannot be moved, or a part of a site, river, lake, or sea which had been built, designed, drawn, dug, extracted, or moved by man at one time or believed to be dated before 1 January 1894; any human skeletons or remains of any plant or animal (including fossils) dated or believed to be dated before 1 January 1894. 

The Department of Museums also possesses the legal mandate on this matter.
Town and Country Planning Act
Provides for national development planning, particularly with respect to allocation of land for urban development, settlement, industry, etc. This Act is under the Jurisdiction of the Town and Country Planning Unit of the Ministry of Development.
Wild Flora and Fauna Order 2007

The Wild Flora and Fauna Order 2007 serve as the wildlife national legislation under CITES which provides for the protection of the wild flora and fauna in the country. Brunei Darussalam had become a party to CITES since 1990. The Department of Agriculture as the National CITES Management Authority possesses the legal mandate to enforce this Order​