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Towards sustainable growth output in forest industry through increasing productivity, export oriented and based on Sustainable Forest Management practices.


Accelerate growth output in forest industry based on high technology and export-oriented, by encouraging participation of local and foreign direct investment, as well as focusing on increasing productivity and production of high value products, emphasizing on environmental stability and social needs.


  • To increase the output of the forestry industry to contribute to GDP growth, economic diversification and export growth;
  • To increase the productivity of primary industry by using high technology and best practices while ensuring environmental sustainability and sustainable timber resources for the timber industry;
  • To encourage the involvement and collaboration of local investment and foreign direct investment (FDI) in developing downstream and value-added timber industry and non-wood based industry to accelerate the output growth from the forestry industry;
  • To preserve the national forest excellent for the conservation of the environment and biodiversity in order to contribute to the economic growth based on natural resources; and
  • To make Brunei Darussalam as Tropical Forestry Excellence Centre in research and development (R&D) on innovative technologies such as biotechnology with strategic alliance approach with local and foreign institutions.